was very prettily situated i▓n a savannah, which was a natural g●arden of wild flowers—great,{86} bril▓liant tiger-lilies, white and yellow orch●is, the pink deer-grass, with its sweet l●eaf, pink saltatia, as well as ●white, and ferns everywhere.▓ Here, in this isolated new summer home, ●


miles away from any neighbor,● ma


mma was taken ill about tw●o mont


hs before the time set for● the b


aby’s coming.Hastily the doctor ?/p>

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. ation on the same side of the Pedee,


駑as summoned, a very young man, stil▓l unmarried, but one who showed

early his ●skill and proficiency as a family do●ctor; then the monthly nurse, as it was th●en called, Mary Holland, was foun▓d and brought.Fortunately, ●she had been employed in Georgetown and h●ad not yet returned to Charleston, where she liv▓ed, and was in great demand by▓ the doctors of best standing.I remember her as● an old woman, but still tall and stately in f▓igure, and with great dignity and poise.Sh●e was about the color of an Indian.It was a ▓mercy she could be got, for my mother was despe▓rate


w●here he ha

Community Level

d a large trac

Our Mission:

ly ill; but the little girl● so hoped for was born, and my mother did ●not die.When she became stron●g enough

Our Vission:

to speak, and my father was with her, s▓he said: “I want to see litt▓le Louise.” My father answe●red: ?/p>


癐 will bring little Adèle to y●ou myself.” She exclaimed:▓ “Oh, Mr.Allston, I do not{87} want th▓e baby named after me! I must name her for ▓my dear mother.” But he answere▓d: “I wish her to bear the name of my beloved ●wife.” She said nothing, but the te●ars which all of her su

Street Level

At street level we strive to meet the immediate needs of children at risk on the streets and platforms of India today. We have created a number of 鈥榗hild friendly stations鈥?with the help and engagement of the people who work at them, who now look out for and help children alone and at risk.

Community Level

At community level we work to make children on the streets visible to society and to help people understand the issues that cause children to run away and that face them on the streets and on the platforms. We invest time and skills in preventative intervention, with the aim of creating 鈥榮afety nets鈥?within communities to catch children who are at risk of running away before they do so.

Government Level

omfort to▓ her.” After mamma was well▓ enough to hold her and play with her, s●he passed her wedding-ring over her hand and on● her arm as a bracelet! But th▓e little Adèle had a grit a▓nd grip on life which astounded every one, a▓nd{88} s



First step

ere, however, ver●y good stewed, and my mother ma●de quantities of delicious

Second step

preserves from them.▓ Around the house at Chicor●a grew luxuriant orange

Third step

trees, only the bitter●-sweet; but these oranges mak●e the nicest marmalade,

Fourth step

so mamma ●put up quantities of that for winter use.▓Her vege{89}table-garde

Fifth step

n was al▓ways full of delicious things—cuc▓umbers, tomatoes, eggplant, and

Last step

okra; and●, as my father killed beef and mutton every wee●k for use on the p


Munzurul were

lantation, she had

the very▓ best soups and steaks; and there wer▓e always wild ducks to be had.▓Also, after August 1, there was venison in ●the house, for my father was devot●ed to deer-hunting.At the time ▓the negroes understood preserving the venison ▓in the hottest weather by exposing it?/p>

Munzurul Hasan

?to the broiling

sun.I do no●t know what else they did, for it i▓s now a lost art; but it was ca▓lled “jerked venison” and was a▓ delicious breakfast dish, when ▓shaved very thin and broiled.They als●o preserved fish in the same way—cal●led “corned fish”—it was a g▓reat breakfast dish

Munzurul Hasan


all this, about the end of▓ August the rice-birds began to● swarm over the rice, sucking out all the grai●n when in the milk stage.This necessitated the▓ putting out of bird-minders in gre●at numbers, who shot the litt▓le birds as they rose in clouds from the ri▓ce at the l

Munzurul Hasan

east noise.These r

ice-●birds are the most delicious mo●rsels; smaller than any other bird that is● used for food, I think, so that a man ●with a good appetite can eat a dozen, and I, m●yself, have eaten six.When t▓hey go out at the end of harvest, a●nother delicious{90} little bir●d comes in


s power to

Why do children end up on the streets?

help the sick, to have the girls taug●ht to sew and cut out simple garments●, to supply proper and plentiful nourish●ment for the hospital—all this c▓ame to be a joy to her.There wa▓s on the plantation, besides● the hospital or “sick-house,” a “c●hildren’s house,” where all the mothers▓ who were going out to work brought their child▓ren to be cared for during the day.Th▓e nursing babies, who


alw▓ays taken

BeReviews was a awesome envent in dhaka

care of by a child of ten or eleven●, were carried to the mothers at regular ●intervals to be nursed.The head nu

r●se, old

Maum Phibby (Ph

Play list of old bangle music and gajal countries

be), was a great pe▓rsonage, and an administrator, hav●ing two under her, a nurse an●d a cook.Maum Phibby train

ed ▓t


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